Precision and Customizability of Planetary Roller Screw Drive Systems for Various Industrial Applications

Planetary roller screw drive systems are an effective solution for converting rotary motion into linear motion with precision. Leveraging years of experience and profound expertise in screw engineering design, we have developed a product line that meets various requirements. Whether it's the highest linear speed, maximum rated load, or minimum structure height, the Chuan Hong precision product line offers the best solutions.

Our products include ground-grade and turned-grade planetary roller screws, which are optimized and designed for high-load and high-speed use in adverse environments. Compared with ball screws, planetary roller screws are better designed and have a more efficient circulation design.

Custom screws can be designed according to drawings, and nuts can be customized according to specific requirements. With the addition of sensors, real-time monitoring and predictive maintenance can be achieved.

These systems are suitable for use in automation equipment, medical-grade industry, precision machine tools, and special industrial machinery.