• Thread Rolling Cylindrical Dies are made for through-feed rolling and in-feed rolling.
  • The thread turning device is used on a multi-axis automatic lathe to be opposite to the workpiece. The turning device is at right angles to it and moves in this direction to turn the thread.
  • There are usually two roll cones used in one set, and some use one. The 2 cones are arranged to operate in conjunction like gears.
  • The threaded head is used to make the workpiece clamped at one end eat into the cone, and the thread is made by step rolling. After the processing is completed, the cone is opened and the workpiece can be taken out without reversing. 3 roll cones form a group.
  • Compared with general threads, the pitch and lead angle of ACME thread are larger, and the fluidity of the workpiece is poor, and it is subject to strong pressure during the conversion.
  • Therefore, the roller cone must have good toughness and high precision.

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