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Corporate History

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CHUAN HONG PRECISION TOOL MFG.CO, LTD. was founded in July, 1983, specializing in manufacturing thread plug gages, ring gages, and thread cutting tool. In order to ensure the quality of products, we imported tool microscope, universal length measuring gage and calibration instruments from Germany to examine our products. Each item leaving the factory was accompanied with a certificate of inspection, and thus CHUAN HONG could grow and develop in the industry.

To meet the need and demand of the user, a production line was added to manufacture screw taps in 1989. Furthermore, to strive for the best, we established the computer system in 1992 and reached the goal of computerized management. We have implemented ISO quality system since 1997 and were certified against the ISO 9001 standards in May, 1998. With the belief of "all staff are devoted themselves to promoting quality", we always make an effort to satisfy the customers by offering high quality products.


Corporate Vision

In order to efficiently and properly service our clients in China, were opened a regional office- Fineness Corporation, in Shanghai, China in 1990. Fineness Corporation is our China headquarters. In 2009, we've expanded our reach to southern China by opening up another branch in Changan, Dongguan. We have plans to continue expanding our reach by opening more branches throughout China in the near future. Through our continual efforts towards our commitment to excellence in service, supply chain management, quality & innovation, we anticipate a long lasting partnership.

About CHG

Calibration Laboratory of CHUAN HONG Precision Tool Mfg. Co., Ltd

CHUAN HONG calibration laboratory belongs to CHUAN HONG Precision Tool MFG. Co., Ltd, which was founded on July 1983. Chuan Hong specializes in producing different kinds of gauges and cutting tools. The company adopted German facilities in order to perfect its quality. In 1989 the company developed its screw tap production line and in 1992 the company installed computer control systems. In 1998 the company was certificated by the TUV standard, entailing a perfect quality for its customers.

Secondary Calibration Laboratory

CHUAN HONG calibration laboratory, established in 2010 specializes in manufacturing plug gauges, ring gauges, thread plug gauges, thread ring gauges, taper plug gauges, and taper ring gauges. Currently the laboratory has obtained certification, showing that the company is stringent in quality control.