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Calibration Laboratory of Chuan Hong Precision Tool Mfg. Co., Ltd. founded in 2010. We have built Calibration/Testing laboratories and applied laboratory accreditation evaluation in order, we are Taiwan Accreditation Foundation () accredited, a consortium of the international laboratory certification alliance ilac-MRA, and complies with the requirements of ISO/IEC 17025 certification specifications.

The laboratory has an accreditation certificate ( NO.2771) in the field of length (dental gauge).

ChuanHong  <<Measurement range>>
Plug Gauges: 1 to 200 mm
Ring Gauges: 3 to 100mm
Thread Plug Gauges: 1 to 100 mm
Thread Ring Gauges: 3 to 100mm
Taper Thread Plug Gauges: 5 to 100mm
Taper Thread Ring Gauges: 5 to 100mm
*Refer to the certificate Scope of Certification.

ChuanHong  <<Calibration Description>>
The calibration laboratory is another independent department.
Calibration working days depends on the situation at the time.
The Calibration member must be properly packed, no bumps, rust, and other adverse circumstances.

CHG new products of thread gauges are all attached with the individual inspection result sheet, which can be traced back to national and international laboratories, or can be commissioned by the attached ChuanHong (CHG) Calibration Laboratory to produce international-level calibration reports.

(TAF)ISO/IEC 17025:2017
CNS 17025:2018

"Independent, Impartial, Objective calibration quality"

Chuan Hong Company specializes in the production of plug gauges, ring gauges, thread plug gauges, thread ring gauges, taper gauges and thread taper gauges; in order to provide better services, we actively establish multi-field laboratories and calibration/test systems, "Independent, Impartial, Objective calibration quality" is the quality policy of Chuan Hong Calibration Laboratories, and Calibration/Testing laboratories all follow the recognized management system and technical requirements, complete customer entrustment, and ensure the accuracy and reliability of the measurement results are the main goals.

"Standards and Quality"

As for the maintenance of "standards" and "quality", measurement technology/standard parts grade and traceability are important keys for the laboratory to achieve its goals.

The importance of industrial technique of measuration is needed for measuration instrument in many fields.

Instrument Chuan Hong Company sell as agent include measurement equipment such as Thread Checking Instruments, Thread Automatic Measurement Inspection Machine, Calibration Measuring Instruments, Tool Microscopes, Contour Measuring Instruments, etc., and cooperates with laboratories as the final inspection and test, we will hand over the most reliable instruments and equipment to our customers to provide the most complete quality service and the highest quality products.


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