Thread expert Thread Expert Exclusive Interview with CHUAN HONG Precision Tools Founder and Chairman Wu Cangui


Thread expert Thread Expert Exclusive Interview with CHUAN HONG Precision Tools Founder and Chairman Wu Cangui

Founder of Chuanfeng Precision Tools Wu Cangui


CHUAN HONG PRECISION TOOL MFG.CO, LTD. was established in 1983, when Taiwan's economy started. Mr. Wu Shengui, the founder of Chuanfeng Precision Tools, entered the era of social employment. In the environment of the oil crisis and rising international prices, low wages and continuous With the expanded labor force, small and medium-sized enterprises, mainly in the OEM and manufacturing industries, have become active. "The home is the factory" has created Taiwan's economic miracle. In the early days, precision measuring tools relied on imports, and the delivery time was extremely long. With Chairman Wu's continuous efforts, Chuanfeng Precision became the first MIT Taiwan-made measuring tool in the precision processing and manufacturing of thread gauges.


CHUAN HONG Early photos of Thailand’s exhibition Wu Shengui (second from right)

Different from ordinary factories, Chairman Wu is a native of Tianliao, Kaohsiung. In order to learn the processing technology of advanced countries, he visited Germany with many Taiwanese businessmen in the early days. In order to improve product quality and ensure measurement accuracy, from Tool microscopes, universal length measuring instruments and calibration measuring tools imported from Germany are used to inspect the quality of products, so they have been developed in the industry. Chuanfeng Company specializes in the production of thread bolt gauges, thread ring gauges, plug ring gauges, tilt gauges and other measuring tools, as well as screw rollers and thread cutting tools. Chuanfeng Precision is widely valued by related industries due to its wide range of product uses. In addition to the screw and nut industry, thread gauges are widely used in the bicycle, automobile and motorcycle industries, and the hydraulic hardware industry. In response to the needs of all walks of life, Chuanfeng Company added a screw tap production line in 1989. In order to keep improving its screw tap production, in 1992, a DOS computer management system was established. AD passed the ISO TUV management system certification in 1998.
In response to market development, changes in industrial structure and to meet customer needs, the Chinese head office: Shanghai CHUAN HONG Precision Tools Co., Ltd. was established in Shanghai in 1990; and Zhejiang Jiaxing CHUAN HONG Branch was established in 2009 to provide Mainland Taiwanese businessmen and other customers provide more diversified after-sales services with sales and technical support. Chuanfeng Company's never-ending R&D journey has always focused on quality requirements and rigorous testing. In recent years, based on the complicated international standards for thread gauges, Chuanfeng has specially built a calibration laboratory and obtained ilac-MRA Taiwan certification; it has been put into production in compliance with Measuring tools with relevant specifications are mass-produced. In addition, we can also customize and provide standard tooth gauges in the factory.


CHUAN HONG Calibration Laboratory Measurement Photos

Customer feedback has always been the driving force for the improvement of Chuanfeng Company. Chairman Wu has developed many products that can help customers more easily ensure stable quality. Gauges for different uses are color-coded so that customers can easily access them according to different needs. ; and leads the industry in developing thread inspection gauges, ceramic thread gauges, etc. Chuanfeng Company has used computer management since the early days and developed its own DOS management system, which combines purchase, sales, inventory and production and manufacturing processes to provide complete tracking and streamline manpower. In recent years, it has also successfully introduced ERP into the Windows version and increased online shopping of standard products. The ordering function allows customers to purchase products no longer limited to time constraints, and provides more diverse after-sales services. Chairman Wu thought avant-garde and invested in ERP system planning in the era before computer systems were popularized. Many peers also followed suit. Since Chuanfeng Company has had many customized orders over the years, many commercially available ERP systems cannot be fully integrated into the system. Sales, inventory and production process management, therefore Chairman Wu has a complete programming team to continue to adapt to the changes of the times.


Group photo of the first batch of export screw shipments


Cooperate with manufacturers to develop tool grinders-Wu Cangui


The Machinery Guild visited Tianliao Head Office. Secretary-General of the Machinery Guild Wang Zhengqing (left) and Chairman Wu Cangui (right)


While the company is growing steadily, Chairman Wu Shengui never forgets his original intention and devotes himself to the land where he grew up. He continues to carry forward the gifts of his predecessors. By chance, he returns to agriculture and invests the spirit of management in food and agricultural products. Chairman Wu, who has a background in quality control, insists on quality requirements and has the courage to try to build the "Tianliao Tianliao" brand and Chuanfeng Farm. Chairman Wu said that in addition to contributing to the industry, he must prepare A healthy body allows people to eat with peace of mind, and they spare no effort to promote agriculture in their hometown.


CHUAN HONG Calibration Laboratory Certification


Roller screw


Chuanfeng Company-Zhejiang Factory

Chuanfeng Precision Tools has been developing and producing thread gauges for more than 40 years. Through the integration of technology, processing and design, it has successfully broken through the key technologies and processes. "Planetary Roller Screw" provides the global precision technology and precision machinery industries with low backlash, It is a linear transmission component with excellent positioning accuracy, high load and high reliability. Because the key component, the roller screw, called a three-dimensional gear, is difficult to produce, and many complicated factors such as friction coefficient, screw and screw load-bearing and force distribution must be considered. , the structural design and processing process threshold is quite high. With the popularization and application of "planetary roller screw", roller screws use cylindrical rolling elements, which have greater load capacity and longer service life than ball screws, and their lead Shorter, roller screws do not require a return flow device, can reach faster rotational speeds than ball screws, and reduce noise levels. CHG smart planetary roller screws apply the technology of Industry 4.0 and Industrial Internet of Things and are widely used in the machinery industry. With the embedded wireless signal sensing module, the planetary roller screw carries all the movement processes of the load, including transferring the load. Real-time monitoring, unbalanced load status assessment, predictive maintenance, fault diagnosis, etc. At the back end, the comprehensive life of the movable parts is calculated and diagnosed through long-term machine operation and data collection. The screw can be replaced before it wears out, reducing the risk of damage. The loss cost of damaged parts and repairs can help industrial applications reduce failures, repair schedules, and even defective products, and also establish Taiwan's benchmark position in precision linear transmission technology.


Exclusive interview with TBVS, Chairman of CHUAN HONG Wu Shengui

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