The standard thread gauge consists of a thread ring gauge that can be smoothly engaged with each other for measuring male screws) and a threaded plug gauge (for measuring female screws) made according to the basic screw shape. It can be used as a calibration procedure for comparison and a benchmark procedure for spot inspection and management of dimensions.

The standard thread gauge is different from the limited thread gauge, and there is no difference in inspection, operation and grade. Fit the finished M16 and P1.5 screws with a threaded ring gauge, depending on whether they can bite smoothly, if the screw size is correct, it can be fully bite. Because the thread ring gauge is used in this way, it is necessary to be proficient in the measurement. Although the standard thread gauge is not specified in the JIS specification, it is roughly made with a boundary thread gauge in the JIS specification level 2.
However, if there is no gap between the male and female screws of level 2 or level 3 screws, it cannot be measured correctly.


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